Calm, Cool, & Uncluttered places a high priority on confidentiality and respect, and is committed to providing exceptional service for every client. Our team is comprised of leaders who are both passionate and kind, eager to help bring peace back into your home.


Vicki, Team Lead & Professional Home Organizer

Through having raised three active, amazing boys, Vicki learned early on that organizing, tidying, and decorating her home was a wonderful form of self-care- which she shares helped to make her a better mom. Maintaining this standard for herself allowed her to spend more time with her boys through the years. After much improving and beautifying her own spaces, as well as helping friends and coworkers do the same, Vicki has come to realize this is what feeds her soul!

“I believe the spaces we live in should be an oasis/escape from the stress of life, and therefore should not be causing us more of it. No matter the size or type (a tiny apartment or spacious house), our living spaces can be not only functional but beautiful as well.”

Decorating and painting, hosting parties, walking the dog with her husband, and going to hockey games together (they met at one!) are Vicki’s favourite “spare time” things to do. Vicki is an avid reader of mystery novels and often buys more books than she has time to read. In addition to all the above, Vicki is currently working on starting a part-time luxury picnic business- an outlet for her need to entertain and create!


Pam Bews (FV)Pamela, Professional Home Organizer

Pam believes anyone can learn to become more organized because she herself used to be a self-proclaimed messy teen.  Once she moved out on her own, she quickly realized how a chaotic space kept her stress level high but a tidy space could bring her peace just by implementing some simple systems and consistently putting things back where they belong. She loves helping others feel this peace and calm in their spaces too.

Pam is positive and friendly and enjoys working with clients to come up with solutions to get organized and help keep their lives running smoothly. Pam had owned her own professional organizing business for 6+ years when she came to join our team, so she is well-seasoned and knows all best tricks of the trade to bring organization into any space!

Cooking, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends is what Pam loves to do in her spare time. She loves a family dinner at home as often as possible which can be tricky with two teens and a husband whose career is flying internationally, but she is always up for the challenge.


It’s like having a bunch of your best friends drop in to help you clean up after a dinner party. They didn’t pressure me to get rid of things I wasn’t ready to give up and now my house is organized!

Past Client


Indianna, Owner & Professional Home OrganizerIndianna, Owner & Professional Home Organizer

Indianna, also known as Indi, alleviates the overwhelming task of getting organized by bringing strategy, elbow grease and a fresh perspective to your space. She takes the time to understand your lifestyle and priorities to create aesthetic and functional solutions. Talented and creative, Indianna delights in the rewarding final result where you experience a finished project from which to make a fresh start. She appreciates that life’s transitions are the perfect opportunity to lighten your load, reduce your worries and give yourself more time to spend on things that matter most.

After years working as an Executive Director for a non-profit outdoor leadership organization, Indianna has a proven capability for prioritizing, reliability and focus. By empowering small-scale, actionable steps, she has cultivated an ability to be non-judgmental, patient and a cheerleader for your journey. If it’s the weekend, you can be sure to find Indianna in the mountains on an epic mountain adventure with her husband or on the rare but delighted occasion taking it slow in her cozy home. She maintains a meticulous gear closet that makes her grab-and-go reality a breeze every weekend.


Lindsey, Marketing, & Administrative SupportLindsey, Marketing, & Administrative Support

Lindsey is an efficiency-fueled gal who adores a good, smoothly running system for all spaces! Often balancing a few projects at once, she believes in the importance of a well designed space in order to keep a clear mind. Lindsey greatly thrives on creative problem solving, and building effective systems with the belief that there is a solution to be found for all things, both for spaces and life!

As a Multidisciplinary Artist, Lindsey wears a few hats, but works mainly in photography, muraling, brand storytelling, & floral design. Lindsey is deeply passionate about both creativity and people, and is often dreaming up creative projects to bring community togetherness. She has been known to host a block party or two, and sneak “flower bomb” floral installations onto the streets after dusk!

On the weekends you can be sure Lindsey will be outside, rain or shine, enjoying a solo hike or the nearby ocean!


Maggie, Founder & Professional Home Organizer

Maggie, Founder & Professional Home Organizer

Maggie Megenbir is the founder of Calm, Cool & Uncluttered Professional Organizing Services. She has now retired and is now on to new adventures after being involved in coaching the team during the transition of Calm, Cool, & Uncluttered, a branch of Room To Breathe. Our greatest aim is to seamlessly continue caring for all past & future Calm, Cool, & Uncluttered clients with the same support, energy, and love as Maggie led so well with!





The whole team’s empathy, kindness, enthusiasm for organizing, and their organizational skills are far beyond what I’d ever dreamed of.

Past Client


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