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When lives get busy it’s pretty common for the garage to become a repository of “deal with it later” items. Such was the case with these clients who decided it was time to get their garage functioning for them again.

Numerous trips to the Salvation Army helped clear out all the unwanted belongings. Existing shelving was put to good use in order to categorize possessions being kept or that needed further sorting.

There is still some work ahead of them but everything is categorized with a clear plan to move forward.

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Home Renovation

I was thrilled to be part of this home renovation from the early stages.  My client was looking for a Professional Organizer to help him declutter and pack up his treasured belongings for storage, where they would remain until the renovation was complete.

Several months later as the renovations were wrapping up I returned to help with the unpacking process. I was blown away by the transformation of this home. It was now a calm, beautiful oasis and I loved being able to take it all a step further by creating functional storage systems.

My client and I worked together to ensure that cupboards and closets were well organized and clearly labelled inside so that the whole family could easily see where everything was stored. I was delighted each time I returned to see that the systems were working well.


This client benefited from some space planning in their storage area.  We discussed how the space is being used and by whom. The result was some new storage cupboards that neatly house all the supplies that had been “homeless”. It now looks tidy and is super easy to find what is needed and to put things away.

This kitchen pantry is a great storage area that had become a graveyard of unused items. With a good decluttering it became a useful space once again to house some of the cupboard overflow.