Small House Organizing: Does Size Really Matter After All?

Small House Organizing

My house is too small, or so I always thought. Turns out I really just needed less stuff. It was so obvious once I grasped the concept, but I guess it was too much like one of those math equations I could never quite understand; “if ‘x’ equals the amount of square footage and ‘y’ equals the number of possessions, does ‘z’ tell you how much stuff you can fit in the space? See, it’s pretty confusing.

I do actually live in a small house, or at least it’s small by today’s standards. Not a lot of extra room to accumulate. But accumulate I have, like a dedicated North American consumer and all for really good reasons. Can you hear the refrain? “It’s such a good deal”….. “But it’s Ikea!”…..“I’m bored, let’s go shopping”. When I realized that I actually hated using parts of my house because of clutter, I knew something had to change. As I began to de-clutter and organize, I became interested in helping others do the same.

On that note, welcome to my new blog where I hope to help inspire you with some of my passion (yes, passion!) for de-cluttering and organizing. When there are so many things to be passionate about in this life why this? The answer is simple; being more organized makes my life easier….and believe me, I’m all about finding easier. I have simple organizing systems and schedules in place, gotten rid of things that were weighing me down and embraced the things I love.

So how about it….are you ready to make a change too? Stay tuned for organizing ideas to come.

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