Overwhelmed With Too Much Stuff?

Overwhelmed with Too Much StuffHow often do you feel overwhelmed with too much stuff?  What if I suggested that your belongings could be reduced by 80% and that you would manage just fine.  Would you want to do it?

Well, that’s exactly what Julie Phillips did.  Julie was impacted by the devastating floods in southern Alberta this past summer.  A de-cluttering, of sorts, was thrust upon her when the flood waters ruined 80% of her apartment contents.  Julie took this as an opportunity to reflect on how she could live her life differently. You might say this is an understatement.

Julie moved in with her friend, Geoff Szuszkiewicz, and they have challenged themselves to “buy nothing” for one whole year. They’re taking the Buy Nothing Day (the international day of protest against consumerism) to a whole new level. An article in Metro News Calgary, about this couple, makes for an interesting read. If you would like to follow their progress, check out http://buynothingyear.com/.

I am not suggesting that we immediately stop buying although my frugal self says “wow, I could save a lot of money!”.  What I am suggesting is that we periodically stop and ask ourselves these questions:

1.  Does my “stuff” help me function well on a daily basis and contribute to my peace of mind?

2.  Does my “stuff” clutter up my life and weigh heavy on my spirit?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, your “stuff” can stay put. If you answered “yes” to the second question, you might be ready to start some de-cluttering of your own.

By the way, if you want to participate in the Buy Nothing Day this year, mark Saturday, November 30th on your calendar.

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