Good News! De-cluttering Leads to Upcyling

I just returned from Calgary with upcycling and de-cluttering on my mind. Upcycling is the hottest new environmental trend. In simple terms it means taking old, useless stuff and making it into something better. It keeps things out of our landfill. It’s a fun and unique way to be green.

Upcycling is also a creative off-shoot of de-cluttering. With some imagination most things we no longer use can be re-born into something fabulous.


So how do Calgary and upcycling fit together?  While Calgary is home of The Stampede, and the Deerfoot Trail gridlock, it’s also home to Inglewood, Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood. With its retro urban vibe and delightful shops, it’s a fun place to wander and window shop until you find that certain something you just have to have.

A definite stand-out there is Reworks Upcycle Shop owned by the knowledgeable and friendly Solita Work.


I walked into her shop and saw a stunning upcycling example.  It is a cast iron bathtub couch. It’s made by Solita’s husband and it’s ingenious.

orangeWith metal-cutting wizardry and glossy paint, this bathtub has been re-incarnated a few rungs up the ladder. It’s filled with comfy cushions and waiting for a good home.

This is a functional, eye-grabbing piece of furniture that I would be happy to own.


Here is another site you can check out for quirky upcycling ideas. It’s filled with all kinds of everyday things you might find laying around the house.  Paperclips for cable holders?  Why not.

So next time you’re de-cluttering, be happy. Trust that what you no longer want may be transformed into something beautiful by someone else. Or if you’re feeling creative, try your hand at some of your own upcycling. Let me know what you come up with.

With calm, cool thoughts


Inglewood photo by: Brian Chow

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