By Hook or By Crook

Smart Home Organizing Tip:  

Home Organizing Tip

Interesting Fact:

Many people do not use their hall closet for hanging coats worn on a daily basis. There are just too many steps involved to make it appealing.

You have to:

1.  Open the closet door

2.  Pull the hanger off the rod

3.  Put your coat on the hanger

4.  Return the hanger with the coat to the closet

It’s labour intensive. This is why I recommend hooks near your front door. It’s no more difficult to hang up a coat or sweater on a hook than it is to toss it on the floor.

While the ideal for many people is to have coats out of sight, the reality is that they don’t often make it into the closet. When an organizing solution is easy, there’s a much greater chance that people will actually use it.

Coat hooks can be a simple, inexpensive solution, a funky idea or a higher end custom design. Enjoy these creative ideas from Pinterest.

With calm, cool thoughts,

~ Maggie ~


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