Organizing Pet Peeve #2: Too Much Spice, Not Enough Jar

How To Organize Your SpicesIt all starts out with good intentions. You finally decide it’s time to organize your spices. So it’s off to the grocery store where you buy fresh packages to get you started. You bring it all home, start to empty each package into a spice jar and you know what happens next. You end up with left-over bags of spices that won’t fit in the jar.

You can’t bring yourself to throw them out because they’re still useable and, after all, you paid good money for them. So there they sit….3 years later….staring accusingly at you when you open your kitchen cupboard. Cinnamon, cardamom and cloves with their little twist ties working valiantly to hold in some flavour.

The way I see it, someone must have flunked math really badly. Otherwise why the heck would they sell more spice in a bag than will actually fit into one of those little spice jars? I’m no math genius but even I know that 4 ounces will not fit into a 3 ounce jar.

Here’s the dilemma, though, for a frugal-minded individual like me. It’s cheaper to buy the darn bags of spice.

So I have a solution.

How to Organize Your Spices

1)  Buy small mason jars and replace the    metal lids with white plastic ones. You      can buy the lids separately. Make beautiful  labels (I used a label maker) and line them  up in a drawer….alphabetically, of course.

People laugh when they open my spice drawer and see it all perfectly lined up and alphabetized. I kind of laugh at myself but I absolutely love how it looks and functions.

And one more great idea:

  • Put a small label on the bottom of the jar and pencil in the date you purchased the spice. Replace the spice after about a year as the flavour starts to wane. Erase the old date and put in the new one. Enjoy.

With calm, cool thoughts,



Teaser photo attribution: By Old Bag Vintage

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