My Favourite Organizing Products

I tend to be a budget-minded individual in many ways. It only makes sense then that some of my favourite organizing products would be inexpensive. They all make my life easier by providing homes for my belongings. Many of them are from Ikea because Ikea just happens to have some of the best ideas at the best prices. Here they are:

Organizing Products


This is the classic plastic-handled tote. I use it for cleaning products in the bathroom wardrobe and as a “grab and go” for small gardening tools and gloves.


Organizing ProductsAntonius

This multi-compartment bin has many uses. It works well for cosmetics, small hardware and office supplies. This one lives in a dresser drawer for easy access.

Organizing Products


When it comes to storing food items I prefer to use glass containers if I can. These come in 3 different sizes and are perfect for holding baking goods, grains and flour. Label the jars and you have an efficient and attractive system.


Organizing Products

Plastic shoebox bins

You can find these just about anywhere. The cheapest ones I have come across are from Home Depot and at .97 they are a steal. Use them in your pantry, freezer and closets or anywhere you want to containerize items and organize your life.


I continue to lament the fact that we do not have an Ikea on Vancouver Island. If you happen to live on the island and want some of these products, this company makes regular trips to Ikea and, for a reasonable cost, will pick up these items for you.

Have fun organizing and let me know about your favourite organizing products.

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