Organize Your Freezer like a Champ

Organized Freezer
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An Organized Freezer – Once Again

It’s time to clean out and re-organize the upright freezer. If I don’t, the frost will soon be thicker than my right arm and I’ll have to put a bungee cord around the door to keep the food stocks from spilling out.

As it can’t possibly be my fault that my freezer is in this state, I’m going to blame the concept of bulk buying. While bulk buying has its benefits, overstocked freezers mean wasted food and money.  As I hate to waste both of these commodities I tend to act before the bungee cord comes into play.

Here’s What I Do:

1.  Stop Buying Food for the Freezer

Just for now Costco shoppers……keep reading.                                

                                           2.  Use up Frozen Food

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This requires a little forethought.

Instead of last minute grocery store purchases for dinner, plan your meals around food in your freezer.  Defrost that pot roast the night before and get it in the crock pot before you leave for work. Make sure you have everything else you need to pull the meal together.

I started this process 2 weeks ago.  We’ve enjoyed some Red Snapper, purchased when inexpensive and fresh; pork loin, cooked slowly in the crock pot and turned into delicious pulled pork sandwiches; homemade spaghetti sauce and home-baked banana bread.  This week it will be roast chicken, Sockeye salmon and delicious blackberries picked in the heat of summer.

3.  Defrost Freezer

Once you have used up most of your food, it’s much easier to put the remainder into coolers (or outside during winter) while your freezer defrosts. Here are some tips from ehow for defrosting your freezer.

4.  Organize with Containers

This is the fun part! Check out Pinterest for some great ideas about how to organize your freezer. Use labeled containers to create an organized freezer that you’ll love. Create a inventory system that’s easy to use.

Organized Freezer
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens via Emily Lynn-Phillips on Pinterest


5.  Enjoy Saving Money and Time

Now that you’ve got an organized freezer make use of your inventory list. It will help you to stop over-buying and you’ll be able to easily find what you have. No more frustrating freezer searches and no wasted food. 

So, what’s on the menu for tonight?  For me, it’s Sockeye salmon with veggies.

With calm, cool thoughts,

~ Maggie ~

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