Organizing Pet Peeve #1: Tiny Linen Closets

Tiny Linen Closet

Linen closet organization can seem impossible when faced with these miniature versions of a closet. What I’d like to know is who on earth was the sadist that decided linen closets should be so small?  In my most cynical moments, I imagine someone who reveled at the thought of households struggling to shove one more towel into a teeny tiny space.  When I’m feeling a little more generous in my day, I believe it was someone quite sensible who designed a closet that would accommodate only what was needed for each home. Regardless of my musings , linen closets are often frustratingly small.

Here are some linen closet organization ideas to make these little spaces work for you:

1.            DE-CLUTTER.  Decide on the number of towels, sheet sets and blankets that your household actually uses and needs.  With the exception of guest linens, if the item is not going through the laundry on a regular basis you probably don’t need it. Donate whatever you’ve purged to your favourite thrift store or local animal shelter.

2.            CATEGORIZE.  Decide on 2-3 categories of linens that will be kept in the closet and sort them according to function.  For example, you might organize bath towels on one shelf, and hand towels and face cloths on another.  Linens that don’t easily fit in the closet will find new homes elsewhere in the house. Keep reading to find out how.

3.            CREATE. Make use of alternate space in the house for remaining items. Maybe there is room in everyone’s bedroom closet for a spare set of sheets and an extra blanket.  I have an Ikea Pax wardrobe on the lower floor that houses guest linens, beach towels, table cloths and extra blankets. My bath towels are rolled and stacked on top of a wardrobe in the bathroom. Get creative with finding space while you check out this blog packed with inventive ideas.

Who was the original linen closet architect? I have no idea but I do know that I’d either like to give them a piece of my mind or thank them for being so sensible.

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Teaser Photo Attribution: By Trevor Owens

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