Eureka! My Christmas lights are Organized

Christmas Lights3One thing I love about the holiday season is the soft glow of Christmas lights strung throughout the house. One of the things I hate about the holiday season is trying to figure out which string of lights belongs where. It’s a decorating nightmare and one that cries out for some organized Christmas lights.

Is the following scenario at all familiar?  A couple are standing in the living room on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They are trying to decide where each set of lights should be strung. The scene usually goes something like this: “No, no, I’m positive that set goes on the potted bush on the deck.”, “Noooo…. that’s the longer string that goes on the tree…. I’m pretty sure”.  Frustration surfaces and it’s a quick downhill slide from there.

This went on for more years in my home than I’d like to admit in public. I finally gave IMG_0090myself a gift a couple of years ago. I labeled all the Christmas lights before packing them neatly away. Such a simple 5-minute task and one I’d been avoiding for 2 reasons: First of all, I truly believed I would remember where to string each set of lights next year, and, secondly, by the time I was ready to pack everything up I just wanted it done as quickly as possible. “Slow to learn” doesn’t even begin to capture it.

To get the job done, I used Avery file folder labels and folded them in half around the cord. What a treat it was to open the Christmas box (yes, I only have one) this year and have everything so straightforward. “Labeled lights for the tree…check, no ugly ornaments…check…”

Why not gift yourself this year with clearly labeled Christmas lights. You won’t experience the rewards until next year, but they’ll be worth the wait.

Here’s one of Martha’s ideas for organized Christmas lights:

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