Three Reasons You Don’t Need Self-Storage in Victoria

If you’re living in Victoria you may not need self-storage. This is because in Victoria, we are really good at selling what we no longer need.  Did you know that Used Victoria is one of the most utilized classified websites in Canada? It’s possible that we prefer to make money on unwanted items rather than hang on to them.

If you do need self-storage, however, it is meant to be a short-term solution. It allows you to store valuables during a move or renovation, for example, until you need them in the near future.

Self-storage becomes a problem when it’s used as a long-term solution to house the excess clutter in your life. Here are the reasons why:


1.            It stops you from purging. 

Most of us have too much stuff.  It can be so overwhelming that the temptation is strong to shove it into self-storage rather than make decisions about letting it go.  Reasoning such as, “I might need it again” or “I paid a lot for that” all push you towards keeping things that weigh you down.

If it does not fit into your current living space, if you don’t love and use it then it needs a new home. Donate, sell or toss it and free yourself from the burden of excess clutter.

2.            It’s expensive.money3

$73.50/month (including tax) for a  5’ X 5’ space may not seem like much. Rent it for a year, though, and you have spent $882.00.

Over time you discover more things that you’re not using and add them to the locker.  It’s now been 2 years and you have spent $1764.00. The thought of sifting through all this stuff is even more overwhelming.

Times flies and before you know it, you have had the locker for 3 years and it has cost you a whopping $2646.00. Why not de-clutter your house instead and start saving that 73.50/month towards a fun holiday. Memories don’t take up any room at all.

3.            Things devalue over time.


Time takes its toll on everything. I just have to look in the mirror to be reminded of this. Over time, the things we own become dated or deteriorate and, except in rare cases, do not hold their monetary value.  You could be paying to store items that will no longer be useful by the time they see the light of day. If what you’re storing is truly valuable, make room in your living space to enjoy it everyday.

So what will it be? Self-storage or Used Victoria? Let me know what you decide.

With calm, cool thoughts



Self-storage photo attribution: By Earle Excavating


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