Routine Is Not For Cowards


I hate routine! I always have.  I’m not naturally a routine kinda person. I would waayyyy rather do something when I feel like doing it. Unfortunately I don’t usually feel like exercising or doing housework. So, I’ve learned to embrace routine because of what it gives me:

  • Better physical fitness
  • Cleaner house
  • Feel less scattered and overwhelmed

It’s just too bad it’s all so…..routine.

How do I keep myself in a routine? Charts, charts and more charts; knowing I can cram a lot of routine into 15 minutes/day; and a friend who likes to get up at the crack of dawn to go for a walk.

Sink Reflections


The chart business all started with Marla Cilley’s book Sink Reflections.  ( This book has been the inspiration for me to stay on top of all that housework I’d rather not do. It has given me the focus and direction I was lacking for so many years. It’s a rather corny book (sorry Marla) but is easily readable with sound principles.


Basic premise – Chapter 9:

  • Divide your home into 5 zones (i.e. Zone 2 – kitchen, Zone 5 – living room and family room)
  • Each zone gets 1 week of detailed cleaning on a 5-week rotating schedule
  • The detailed cleaning is for 15 minutes/day ONLY
  • At the end of the week you move on to the next zone
  • When you come back to the same zone in 5 weeks time, you carry on with the list of chores you didn’t get done the last time around
  • Never frantically clean for guests again! (This is big thing that keeps me hooked)

I’ve been using this system for a year now and while part of me still hates the routine, I love the results and that’s what I focus on. So if housework is weighing you down and you’ve been looking for a system, this may be it. Take a look at what Marla has to offer. Her book is available through and costs from $10 – $15 plus shipping.

Do you have a routine you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you. And if you decide to take Marla’s suggestions for a test run let me know how it goes.

With calm, cool thoughts


Teaser Photo Attribution: By Cathy Thorne

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